Advanced Underground Cable & Pipe Locating Seminar – Alberta

This one-day program will cover the problems and issues that most locate staff encounter on a daily basis. We will help attendees recognize the contributing factors to the problems they encounter, and more importantly, learn what steps to take to solve them. This seminar is not just a discussion forum, but a hands-on solution to make for better locating!

This program is led by Dave Wulff of the VIVAX-METROTECH CANADA Corporation. Dave is the most widely recognized and acclaimed utility locate trainer in Canada. He has personally provided this type of training to more than 15,000 technicians from all utility types during his 30 plus years in the field.

*This program does not promote any specific brand of locating gear but promises that you’ll learn more about the way your locate gear works. He will focus on how and why they work, not on which buttons to push to turn them on. His structured approach to training is fast-paced, entertaining and meaningful; participants have told us so, year after year.*

Questions? Call Gary Mason at 1-780-668-8191 or email

Learning Objectives

  • An explanation on how the choice of locate signal/frequency or grounding techniques can create badly distorted fields that interfere with your ability to accurately map out your buried utilities.
  • Revealing how and why signals “jump” or “spill” on to other buried facilities and how to first recognize it and then react to it.
  • How the signals we use to locate are created, and what determines where they go, and why. Also, why don’t they go where we want them to?
  • Why some of the readings we hope to use to confirm the accuracy of our locates fails in some cases, and works perfectly in others.
  • Describing the process used to locate empty pipes or conduits.
  • What are the steps to take to ensure and confirm an accurate locate, even in badly congested areas.
  • What are the best steps to take to find broken or damaged conductors: either pipes or cables.
  • Why Attend?

    Locating in today’s complex and congested environment has never been more difficult or necessary. This comprehensive program covers the full spectrum of what locate staff needs to know to get the job done safely, accurately and with confidence.

    Join us for a day and we’ll help make you and your crews better locators, explaining and solving many of the dilemmas, mysteries and myths that locators face every day.

    Our focus in on providing realistic solutions to the most common locate problems; and a lot of the more advanced ones as well. You’ll tackle the jackpots with more confidence. It’s simple – better trained techs provide better results.

    No matter what locate equipment you use today, you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to make it all work best for your application.

    Program Dates

  • April 15, Calgary AB.
  • Holiday Inn 8360 Blackfoot Trail SE

  • April 16, Edmonton, AB.
  • Holiday Inn South 4485 Gateway Blvd


    8:00 – Registration and hot breakfast

    9:00 – Greeting and Introductions, Review of seminar materials

    9:15 – Typical locate problems

    9:45 – Successful Locating – the Basics

    10:30 – Coffee break

    10:45 – Locating Fundamentals, continued

    12:00 – Hot lunch (Provided)

    1:00 – Advanced Applications

    2:30 – Coffee break

    2:45 – Problem Solving

    3:00 – Different Locate Technologies, Fault Locating and Troubleshooting

    3:45 – Q & A, Field application (weather permitting)

    4:30 – Thank you and Adjourn, Dave Wulff will be available for questions.

    $175 ( Includes GST) Per Person

    All course material, hot breakfast and lunch are provided.

    To Register Please Fill out and submit the following form or print and fax/email the form here: Download

    Deadline to Apply: March 30th

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