Eco-Sac Transformer Containment™

Eco-Sac Transformer Containment™

The ECO-SAC® is a reliable, reusable, environmentally responsible containment system for pad-mount transformers. Designed with your line department in mind, the transformer containment bag helps you get containment job done – safely – while also protecting the environment.

By simply dropping in a replaceable liner, the pad-mount transformer bag can be reused for containment up to five times. And since the liners in the pad-mount bag are incinerable to less than 2% ash, using the pad-mount transformer containment adds up to big savings when compared to existing procedures that can fill containment drums with waste for landfills.

Just ‘bag’ the pad-mount transformer using the pad-mount containment bag and return it to the yard completely contained! You can even store the transformer containment bag outside for up to a year by using an optional weather-resistant Transformer Containment Bag Cap.

Features of the Andax ECO-SAC® Transformer Containment Bag:

-Effectively reduces operating costs
-Environmentally responsible
-Handy carry case
-Outdoor Storage
-UV resistant
-Made in the USA

Transformer Sac Size Weight Box
EXF-055 ES (1 liner) 25″ Dia x 60″ H 2.4lbs Box F
EXF-055 ES-5 (4 liner) 25″ Dia x 60″ H 7lbs Box B
EXF-065 ES (1 liner) 36″ Dia x 60″ H 4lbs Box F
EXF-065 ES-5 (4 liner) 8″ Dia x 60″ H 2lbs Box C
EXF-075 ES (1 liner) 46″ Dia x 60″ H 4.8lbs Box F
EXF-075 ES-5 (4 liner) 46″ Dia x 60″ H 8.8lbs Box C
EXF-085 HD (1 liner) 36″ W x 46″ L x 30″ H (with 16″ height adjustment) 3.6lbs Box F
EXF-085 HD-5 (4 liner) 36″ W x 46″ L x 30″ H (with 16″ height adjustment) 7.6lbs Box B
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