Xtra HD Transformer Sac™

Xtra HD Transformer Sac™

The Xtra HD™ Pole-Mount Transformer Containment Bag was developed to assist you in pole-mount transformer containment. Now you can have a complete transformer containment bag that provides containment for the leak from the pole to the repair shop… in one easy step, using a Xtra HD™ pole-mount containment bag! With the Xtra HD™ transformer containment bag, you can avoid costly and time-consuming cleanup projects and reduce the chance for accidental injury, potential fines and minimize potential oil or PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) exposure.

Just ‘bag’ the transformer using the Xtra HD™ pole-mount containment bag and return it to the yard. Line up the lifting lugs on the transformer with the black rectangle on the Transformer Containment Bag. Break open the clear, perforated center of the black rectangle on both sides of the Transformer Containment Bag. Push the lifting lugs through the openings. Attach your safety approved lifting straps to each exposed lug. The bagged transformer is ready to be safely transported without worry of leaking oils.

Features of the Andax Xtra HD™ Pole-Mount Transformer Containment Bag:

-Complies with all safety regulations
-Reinforced base
-Perforated slit for exposing lifting lug
-Made in the USA

Transformer Sac Size Weight Box
XHD-055 ES 25″ Dia x 56″ H 2lbs Box E
XHD-065 ES 36″ Dia x 60″ H 2.8lbs Box F
XHD-075 ES 46″ Dia x 60″ H 4lbs Box F
XHD-085 HD 36″ W x 46″ L x 30″ H 2.8lbs Box F
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