Bierer Ground Resistance Tester – GRT1000

Bierer Ground Resistance Tester – GRT1000


The GRT1000 is a major breakthrough for a traditional ground resistance tester. It is widely needed in the power, telecommunications, meteorology, oilfield, construction, industrial and electrical utility industry. For a loop grounding system, the operator can measure the ground resistance and test for continuity without having to break down the grounding wire, or use auxiliary electrodes (sometimes referred to as “stakes”).

The clamp head is specially designed to reduce calibration errors by increasing the clamp pressure and the robust design of the transformers.

It is safe, fast and simple to use!

How it works: One transformer induces a voltage on the conductor while the other transformer provides a current measurement through the loop allowing a resistance measurement to be displayed.

Unit comes standard with test clip, instruction manual, padded storage case.

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