Buckingham Deluxe LineBacker – 4201

Buckingham Deluxe LineBacker – 4201

The Buck Deluxe LineBacker™ turns a two dee ring body belt into a four dee ring belt with ergonomic comfort. The Deluxe LineBacker™ features removable abdominal stabilizer strap, removable lumbar pad, extra set of dee rings for climbing over obstructions, man rated straps and interlocking buckles to attach a full body harness.


Abdominal Stabilizer System – Elastic Abdominal Stabilizer belt with hook & look fasteners keeps belt positioned on user’s pelvis while climbing.

Dee Ring Distributing Pads – Designed to relieve concentrated pressure from the heel of the dee by disbursing pressure over a greater area.

Man Rated Connection Straps – Connect LineBacker to a two dee ring body belt using interlocking buckles. BuckSqueeze or an WPFR system connects to the lower dee rings for increased comfort while climbing.

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