LineStar Equipment Leasing

LineStar Equipment Leasing

Leasing Provides you an opportunity to get the tools and equipment you need now and pay later! Through our partnership with EasyLease, all of the large ticket items we sell are now also available on lease arrangements! Use the link below to get the process started and please contact LineStar directly for more information!

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• Conserves capital
• Preserves credit lines/borrowing power already established
• Lower monthly payments
• Easy to budget – Operating Budget vs. Capital Budget process
• Flexible payment structures
• Fixed rates for the term of the lease
• Protects customer against obsolescence
• Allows for easy add-ons and upgrades
• Simplifies accounting and depreciation records
• Monthly payments can be tax-deductible and treated as an operating expense as opposed to being listed on the balance sheet
• Customer has several end-of-lease options
• ‘Soft costs’ (software, maintenance, service contracts, etc) can be included in the lease
• Limited restrictions on qualifying asset type

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