Buckingham Buckarticulator™ Harness – C69B9D8G7H00

Buckingham Buckarticulator™ Harness – 69B9D8G7H00

The BuckArticulator™ is a ‘Y’ style harness that articulates in three places making it ideal for anyone that requires the user to bend, reach, twist and climb at heights, making it perfect for fall arrest, work positioning and Rescue. This harness can be used by itself or the user can easily attach a lineman’s body belt. All Buckingham mobility belts have been favored with the benefit of allowing greater freedom of the lineman to lift their legs when climbing poles, towers or a ladder. The harness floats freely through the waist straps, while the body belt stays in position allowing for freedom of movement.

This BuckArticulator™ has three 5000 lbs rated dee rings in the front of the harness, two at the sternum (better for rescue), one at the abdomen, and a 5000 lb. rated Nylon loop dorsal attachment that can be used for fall arrest or rescue. Leg straps feature using 4000 lb. rated, color coded, quick connect buckles to make donning quick and easy. The BuckArticulator™ meets the requirements of ANSI Z359, ASTM F887, and is CSA (C69A9D8G7H00) third party certified. The BuckArticulator™ was developed while working with Fortis, in Alberta, Canada. Buckingham listened to concerns and worked together to develop a harness ideal for anyone who has to eliminate restriction typically found in traditional harnesses.


Product Number: 69B9D8G7H00
Product Name: BuckArticulator™ ‘Y’ Style Harness
Material: Nylon
Chest Strap: N/A
Leg Strap: Quick Connect
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Dorsal Attachment: Web Loop
Shoulder / Leg Pads: Yes – Shoulder
Shoulder / Leg Pad Type: FR – Shoulder Padding
Harness Type: ‘Y’ Style
Frontal Attachments: Yes
Retrieval Attachments: No
Size: Small – X-Large
Positioning Dee Rings: No – Option with added body belt
Body Belt Attachments: Yes
Product Type: Mobility Harness, Work Positioning, Fall Arrest
User Weight Capacity: 420 lbs (when fully equipped)
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Standards: ANSI Z359.11, ASTM F887

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