Simple Strap – LST-SP-LD-YLW

Simple Strap – LST-SP-LD-YLW

Simple Strap is a revolutionary, patented, rubber tie-down. Made from self gripping, high grade TPE rubber, our reusable product is an ideal alternative to clamps, electrical tape, rope, bungee cord and ratchet straps. Using friction and tension, there is no need for adhesive, knots, hooks or ratchets. Simple Strap has a high max load capacity, over 400 lbs on four wraps, and works in extreme temperatures, even under water. In short, it is the latest and easiest way to secure just about anything.

#LST-SP-LD-YLW – Light Duty 100′ Spool (2mm x 28mm) – Yellow

Why do Lineman choose Simple Strap®?

With a dielectric rating greater than 600 V/mil, Simple Strap® is an ideal replacement for clamps and electrical tape when securing insulated blankets on live electrical wires. Unlike electrical tape, Simple Strap® does not leave an adhesive residue which can break down insulating properties of blankets.

The high max load limit and its ability to work wet and in extreme temperatures helps ensure that Lineman are able to perform a wide variety of jobs in severe conditions.

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