Hubbell Pole Protector

Pole Protector

Protective cover for mounting chain-binder tools. For concrete, fiberglass, and steel poles.


• Simple installation for quick attachment of bases for ladders, platforms, conductor supports, auxilliary arms, pole tongs, etc.
• Tough material protects pole without reducing tool’s load rating
• Not for mounting capstan hoists or any application that loads chain binder in an upward direction
• Not insulating cover up equipment

Product NumberProtector SizeMax. Pole Diameter
PSC40606247 in. x 4 ft.up to 15″
PSC40606257 in. x 5 ft.up to 19″
PSC40606267 in. x 6 ft.up to 23″
PSC40606277 in. x 7 ft.up to 27″