Custom Designed Grounds & Jumpers

Custom Designed Grounds & Jumpers

LineStar stocks a broad range of components, allowing us to provide grounds and mechanical jumpers including Overhead and Underground Distribution, Transmission, or Substation built to your specifications.

1. Clamps: Clamping Size Range, Current Capacity, Application Clearance, and Terminal Connection Type (threaded or pressure type)

2. Cable: Length, Jacket Type, and Adequate Capacity to Withstand Maximum Potential System Fault Current Magnitude and Full Time Duration

3. Ferrules: Aluminum or Copper, Fit Cable Size, and Connection Type to Match Clamp (threaded or pressure type) Note: Either aluminum or copper ferrules may be used with copper cable.

4. Shrink Tubing: This option recommended for stress relief and inspection of cable strands between ferrule and jacket

We can rebuild and recondition your existing grounds as well. Replacing damaged ferrules, new clamps or adding clear heat shrink to provide stress relief, we can do it all.

Please contact us for further information.

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