Hubbell Single-Pole Strain Carrier Yokes

Single-Pole Strain Carrier Yokes

These yokes can be used with adjustable strain poles (see page 2253) to remove the strain from one string of multiple strings of deadend insulators. Because the yokes are designed to fit various types of yoke plates, they should be purchased in pairs to fit the specific construction. The same yoke assemblies can be used on both the hot and cold end of the insulator string as they hook into the yoke plate hardware.

All of these yokes are rated at 15,000 pounds maximum load per insulator string.

Catalog No. Fits Yoke Plates Weight
C4011719 Flat Plates up to 3/4″ thick 25 lb./ 11.3 kg.
C4011718 Flat Plates up to 1″ thick 25 lb./ 11.3 kg.
C4011717 Rectangular or Triangular plates up to 3/4″ thick 25 lb./ 11.3 kg.