Polywater® J Cable Pulling Lubricant

Polywater® J Cable Pulling Lubricant

Lubricant Lowers Tension When Pulling Wire & Cable

Polywater® Lubricant J is a high-performance, clean, slow-drying, water-based gel lubricant. Lubricant J provides maximum tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. It is specially recommended for long pulls, multiple-bend pulls, and pulls in a hot environment. Lubricant J dries to form a thin lubricating film that retains its lubricity for months after use.

Polywater® Lubricant J is a specification-grade lubricant that does not promote flame propagation when used with fire-retardant cables and systems. It is harmless to humans, environmentally safe, compatible with common cable jacket materials, and can be easily applied by hand, by pump, or by use of the unique Polywater® Front End Pack™ System.

Polywater® J comes in two grades: Regular Grade J and Winter Grade WJ (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C)).

A pourable version of Polywater® J (PJ) is also available (see sidebar).

The Front End Pack™ is a conduit-sized polyethylene bag of lubricant that travels through the conduit on the winch line or pull rope, pre-lubricating the conduit ahead of the cable being pulled.


  • Maximum Friction Reduction – For low cable pulling tension.
  • Clean and Non-Staining – Minimizes clean-up time.
  • Non-Combustible Residue – Suitable for fire-critical cables and installations.
  • Temperature Stable – No ruined lubricant from freeze/thaw or high-temperature exposure.
  • High Cling Factor – Stays on cable jacket during application.
  • UL and CSA Listed – Appropriate for NEC installations.
  • Compatible with Common* Cables – Suitable for many of the specialty cable jackets.
  • Available in Cold Weather Formula – Polywater® WJ can be used in cold weather pulling.
  • Catalog # Catalog # Winter Grade Package Description Units/Case
    J-35 WJ-35 1-quart /0.95-liter bottle 12
    J-27 WJ-27 1-quart/0.95-liter FEP™ lube bag in carton 12
    J-99 WJ-99 1-quart/0.95-liter FEP™ lube bag in 5-gal pail 16
    J-55 WJ-55 ½-gal/1.9-liter FEP™ lube bag in carton 6
    J-110 WJ-110 ½-gal/1.9-liter FEP™ lube bag in 5-gal pail 10
    J-128 WJ-128 1-gal/3.8-liter pail 4
    J-640 WJ-640 5-gal/18.9-liter pail 1
    J-DRUM WJ-DRUM 55-gal/208-liter drum 1
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