Polywater® + Silicone™ Cable Pulling Lubricant

Polywater® + Silicone™ Cable Pulling Lubricant

Best Lubricant for Installing Transmission Cable, Pulling Through Water, and into HDPE Conduit Systems

Polywater® + Silicone™ Types NN and NB are a family of high-performance, specification-grade, cable pulling lubricants that demonstrate superior performance in two areas: Friction reduction on HDPE (polyethylene conduits) and PVC materials. These lubricants provide continuous lubrication when pulling through water and are suitable for all types of cable pulling.

They are the industry preferred cable pulling lubricants for the longest pulls of heavy transmission cable and pulling cables in a wet environment. They are suitable for use with factory lubricated ducts. They continue to lubricate under high sidewall pressure forces in conduit bends. Both Type NN and NB are slow drying and leave a thin, slippery film that retains its slip for months after installations. While they can be applied by hand, it is best to pour or pump the lubricant into the duct during cable pulls.

Polywater® + Silicone™ is available with or without small plastic rollers in the lubricant. Type NB has the rollers and Type NN does not. In both Type NN and NB, a regular grade and winter grade (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C)) are available.


  • Heavy Pulls – Preferred lubricant for underground transmission cable installation.
  • Water-Resistant – Does not wash off. Reduces tension even when pulling through water.
  • Very Low Friction – Consistently low friction and tension when pulling through HDPE and PVC pipe.
  • Clean and Non-Staining – Minimizes clean-up time.
  • Roller Option Available – Polywater® NB contains small, friction-reducing roller balls.
  • Non-Freezing Formula – Polywater® WNN and WNB can be used for cold weather (sub-freezing) pulling.
  • NN Catalog # NN Winter Grade Catalog # NB Catalog # NB Winter Grade Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
    N/A WNN-35 NB-35 WNB-35 1-quart/0.95 liter bottle 12
    NN-128 WNN-128 NB-128 WNB-128 1-gal/3.8 liter jug 4
    NN-320 WNN-320 NB-320 WNB-320 2½-gal/9.5 liter jug 2
    NN-640 WNN-640 NB-640 WNB-640 5-gal/18.9 liter pail 1
    NN-DRUM WNN-DRUM NB-DRUM WNB-DRUM 55-gal/208 liter drum 1
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