DCD Sheave Hangers

DCD Sheave Hangers

DCD offers single or double hangers to go with their series of cast aluminum sheaves. The single hangers are provided with a safety hook and the double hangers have one hook and one pin through which a rope may be fed or other items attached. The sheaves are all cast aluminum with machined faces and bores. They are then fitted with high load iron-bronze flanged bushings.

All parts are designed to take 10,000 lbs. line load allowing for a 3:1 safety factor. One feature of the hangers is the ease with which they are assembled to either a sheave or a quadrant. A simple pin with a handle at one end and a locking pin at the other does the job. It should be noted that the handle at one end of the pin may be used to support the hanger in a horizontal position should that be necessary.

The sheaves and hangers may be purchased as assemblies or individually as shown in the table below.

F designates Flat Bottom Sheave

*Double Hangers are supplied with one hook.

Sheave c/w Single
Single Hanger Sheave c/w Double
Double Hanger* Sheave Only Sheave Size
W x Dia.
32000-420 32800-400 32100-420 32810-400 32900-420 4″ x 20″
32000-526 32800-500 32100-526 32810-500 32900-526 5″ x 26″
32000-611 32800-600 32100-611 32810-600 32900-611 6″ x 11″
32000-620F 32800-600 32100-620F 32810-600 32900-620F 6″ x 20″
32000-626 32800-601 62100-626 62810-601 32900-626 6″ x 26″
32000-811 32800-800 32100-811 32810-800 32900-811 8″ x 11″
32000-811F 32800-800 32100-811F 32810-800 3290-811F 8″ x 11″
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