DCD Fiber Optic Pulling Eye

DCD Fiber Optic Pulling Eye

PRODUCT #00760 Series

Specially designed brass collets grip the central strength member and, if required, the kevlar yarn, while a tapered female thread grips the cable jacket. This way all parts of the cable are pulled simultaneously and the fibers get maximum protection.

Keep in mind that single use crimp-on types are also available but are not listed in this web, please contact DCD Customer Service for more information.

There are two standard 00905 Fiber Optic Combo Kits with capacities as listed below. However, custom kits can be built to specification. The purpose of these kits is to allow various types of Fiber Optic cables to be pulled using different components of the kit.

The main features of each kit include a Pulling Head with built-in Swivel and Breakaway body, a variety of Breakaway Pin sets, a variety of Bodies for different cable diameters and a variety of collets for different Strength Member diameters. All components can be purchased
individually for replacement parts.

All reusable parts are manufactured from high strength Stainless Steel. The Kit is packaged in
a plastic molded box for carrying convenience.

Note: This product is not designed to run around bullwheels

Please contact us for ordering information and sizes available

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