Standard Blocks

Standard Blocks


The 9511 block, or “big little block,” is little in overall length and weight but big in sheave and load capacity. Side opening for ease in placing in hoisting line. Safety locking pin permits easy opening, positive locking and is captive to blocks. . . no parts to drop or lose.

Frame of high strength aluminum alloy, ribbed for extra strength and rigidity. Integral guard prevents wedging of lines. Sheaves mounted on anti-friction ball bearings are available with polished aluminum, neoprene lined, urethane lined, or ductile iron. Urethane lining recommended when wire rope hoisting lines are to be used.

Ductile Iron available in 6″, 6-A”, or 8″ only.

Size Max. Wire OD

Max. Working Load, lbs.

5″ 3/4″ 3000
6″ 3/4″ 3000
8″ 3/4″  5000
12″ 1/8″  7500
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