Buckingham ULTIMATE OX KIT – 50061K21

Buckingham ULTIMATE OX KIT – 50061K21

The Ultimate Ox Kit is a complete rigging system that puts numerous rigging options at the user’s fingertips. For example, the user can create a 4-to-1 mechanical advantage on up to a 50’ working height. Similarly, the user can create a 5-to-1 mechanical advantage on up to a 35’ working height.

The Ultimate Ox Kit fits in a small, self-contained bag and can be stored in the back of a truck with ease.

Kit Contains:

  • OX BLOCK™ Swivel Eye & Carabiner w/4′ Sling – 50061A-4 (Qty: 1)
  • OX BLOCK™ – 50061 (Qty: 1)
  • Buck Side Swivel Single Sheath – 50071B1 (Qty: 1)
  • Buck Side Swivel Double Sheath – 50071B2 (Qty: 2)
  • Rope Bag – 4374 (Qty: 1)
  • Rope (250′) – 39SAM27Q2-250 (Qty: 1)
  • Steel Double Action Carabiner – 5005S5 (Qty: 4)
  • Prusik Loop with Aluminum Ring – P9J8V- M-+34 (Qty: 2)
  • BuckLink™ Sling – 3903S-6 (Qty: 1)
  • Specs

    50061A-450061, 50071B1, 50071B2, 4374, 5005S5, P9J8V-+M-34, 3903S-6

      Material: Polyester Rope, Aluminum OX Block (50061), Steel Rigging Carabiner (5005S5)
      Length: 4′ Sling (Rope), 8.27″ OX Block (50061), 4.68″ Carabiner (5005S5)
      Width: 5/8″ Rope, 1.99″ OX Block (50061), 3.07″ Carabiner (5005S5)
      Weight Rating: 5,000 lbs.
      Weight: 4.25 lbs.
      Breaking Strength: Carabiner (5005S5)- MBS 11,240lbs (50KN), OX Block (50061)- MBS (Sheave to eye)- 10,000lbf/MBS (Hook to eye)- 6,000lbf. WLL-50061A-4 (Sling Only)- Straight- 3,200 lbs, Choker- 2,560 lbs, Basket- 6,400lbs.
      Links to Relevant Hardware: 50061 OX Block™
      5005S5 Carabiner
      OX Block™ Standards: ASME B30 Compliant
      Made In USA?: Yes
    • Product Name: OX Block™
      Material: Lightweight Aluminum
      Length: 10.5″
      Width: 2″
      Gate Opening Capacity: 1.5″
      Weight: 2.15
      Connectors: Four 5005S5 Double Action Carabiners
      HOOK TO EYE:
      MBS: 6,000 lbs
      WLL: 1,500 lbf
      MBS: 10,000 lbs
      WLL: 2,500 lbf
      Made In USA?: Yes
    • Product Name: Buck Side Swivel™
      Weight: 1.6 lb
      Length: 7″ (178mm)
      Width: 3″ (76mm)
      Material: Aluminum
      Diameter of Eye: Swivel Eye – 1″
      Breaking Strength: MBS – 10000 lbf (44KN) / WLL – 2500 lbf (11KN)
      Other: Max Rope Diameter – 5/8″ (16mm) / 5/8″ x 2 1/8″ Sealed Ball Bearing Pulley Thickness – 1.813″ (46mm)
    • Product Name: Dual Buck Side Swivel
      Option Number: N/A
      Weight: 2.6 lbs
      Length: 8″
      Width: 3″
      Material: Aluminum
      Diameter of Eye: Swivel Eye (upper eye) – 1″ / Becket Eye (lower eye) – 0.8″
      Breaking Strength: MBS 10000 lbf 44(kn)
      Diameter Rope Capacity: 5/8″ (16mm)
      Other: Double Pulley
    • Product Name: Large ROPEPRO™ DELUXE BAG BY BUCKINGHAM International
      Height: 16″
      Width: 14″
      Depth: 16″
      Weight: 3.2 lbs
      Number of Pockets: 6
      Outside Pockets: 6
      Inside Pockets: 0
      Material: Water Resistant Canvas
      2 Way Snap: No
      Rain Flap: Water-Resistant
      Back Straps / Shoulder Straps: Yes / Optional Back Pack Attachment – 4375
      Closure Tab: Zipper
      Bottom Material: Water Resistant Canvas
      Wheels: No
      Magnet: No
      Attachment Type: Rope Bag
      Bucket Hooks Included: N/A
      Bucket Hook Model: N/A
      Standards: N/A
    • Product Name: Rigging Carabiner
      Option Number: N/A
      Weight: 10.5 oz
      Length: 4.68″ (119mm)
      Width: 3.07″ (78mm)
      Material: Alloy Steel
      Diameter of Eye: No Eye
      Gate Opening Capacity: 0.94″ (24mm)
      Gate Strength: 3600 lbs
      Breaking Strength: 11240 lbs (50KN)
      Standards Met: CSA Z259.12 / ANSI Z359.12
      Other: Double Action (2)
      Material: Warpspeed Red Rope
      Prusik Type: Prusik w/ Aluminum Ring
      Rope Size: 5/16″
      Length: 34″
      Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs when fully equipped
      Standards: ANSI Z133
      Weight: 0.3 lbs
      Made In USA?: Yes
    • Product Name: BuckLink™ Sling
      Overall Length: 6ft long
      Width: 3/4″ Spectra
      Connector Material: Steel
      Material Type: Spectra
      Weight: 1.5 lbs
      User Weight Capacity: 5000 lbs individual rated loops
      Product Type: Sling
      Standards: EN362-2004, ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2009, CSA Z259.12-01 & CSA Z259.12-11 (1711 Snap).
      Link to Relevant Hardware: 1711 Snap
      Made in USA?: Yes
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