Chance 4-1/2 Ton Hoist – C3090440

Chance 4-1/2 Ton Hoist – C3090440

Strength Rating – Ultimate: 9000 lb

Style: Link Chain

Weight: 46.06 lb


  • Load hooks are forged steel with spring-loaded latches.
  • Both top and bottom hooks swivel 360° to allow for unwinding action of rope or stranded cable under tension.
  • For easy hook-up, chain release to freewheel but only under no-load conditions.
  • Controls automatically lock when hoist is pulling a load. Two simple levers . . . Shift Key for up and down, on top housing, and Release Key in handle recess . . . are easy to switch, even wearing gloves.
  • Simply by ratcheting one or two clicks per stroke in up or down mode, operator can choose quick speed of a full link or half-link rate for extra accuracy. For cramped-quarters work, ratchet handle swings to either side.
  • This provides option of push or pull stroke to best suit conditions and preferences.

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