Good Rigging Control System – GRCS

Good Rigging Control System – GRCS

A Powerful Ultra Portable Capstan Hoist

The Good Rigging Control System, or GRCS, gives you the mechanical advantage you need to safely raise and lower anything from tree branches to transformers

The capstan has a 2000 pound safe working load and a dead pull rating of 2900 pounds.


  • The 2 speed winch has a 4:1 gear reduction in high gear, a 10:1 reduction in low gear
  • The winch is self tailing so it holds the load in place with out the operator handling the rope
  • The winch is designed to work with 1/2” to 3/4” diameter rope
  • The system is designed to provide tremendous lifting capability and load control with a single operator
  • The mount is articulated and has rubber pads on the back to allow mounting to a wide range of pole diameters and can be mounted to wood, steel or fiber glass poles
  • The winch and mount are separate components weighing 43 lbs (mount) and 25 lbs (winch) making it very portable to remote jobsites
  • The winch can be driven by the hand crank or by a power drill with the drill driver (included)
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