iTOOLco Spool Picking Boom – SB01

iTOOLco Spool Picking Boom – SB01

Safely haul heavy spools of conductors without ever coming into contact with the wire. iTOOLcoʼs Spool Picking Boom™ carries bulky spools and enables you to pick and place wire spools quickly and prevents damage to expensive wire inventory.

Designed to minimize risk of injuries that can occur when attempting to stock or un-stock wire spools, the Spool Picking Boom features two jumbo picking hooks that lift the wire from the axle. With adjustable reach, these dual picking points on both sides of the spool mean you can pick and place spools at nesting positions up to 60” deep in the rack. Heavier loads are easily handled by moving the hooks closer to the forklift to leverage stability.


  • 48”L x 33.5”W x 38”H (Collapsed)
  • 48”L x 53”W x 68”H (Extended)
  • 200 lb. (7,000 lb. Load Capacity)
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