Yale Uniline Dielectric Pulling Rope

Uniline Dielectric Pulling Rope

Uniline™ Dielectric is a parallel core cable of PET (polyester) filament. The Uniline Dielectric core is bonded together with a rubber based adhesive, double wrapped with a rubber tape, over-braided with a tough polyester sleeve and entirely saturated with another rubber solution. The cable is then cured in an oven, causing the rubber to advance to a solid layer with very tough mechanical properties. The red rubber layer not only acts as a moisture barrier, but is a wear indicator as well. When the red appears it’s time to replace the Uniline cable. This cable carries a 4:1 work load rating for overhead work and a 3:1 rating for under ground. Uniline is the toughest conventional stringing line you can buy and minimizes the elasticity and stretchiness seen in polyester ropes. Ropes removed from machines having seen 20 years of service regularly test at 75% of the original strength and above.

Uniline can be spliced both in eyes and as a running splice, delivering the full strength as cataloged. Alternately, Uniline can be terminated and/or end-for-end joined with Yale’s TechEye™
or TechJoin™ products.

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