Adjustable Insulator Adapters – AIA-CF & AIA-J

Adjustable Insulator Adapters – AIA-CF & AIA-J

The AIA-CF and AIA-J adapters clamp securely to a tie-top insulator by tightening the take-up handles. Natural rubber cushions permanently molded to the adapter protect the porcelain and restrict the adapter from rotation. The XS-100-B block can be mounted in the adapter vertically and at various angles to facilitate stringing tangents and angles.

Using the AIA adapters and XS-100-B, reconductoring is possible using the “Never-An-Outage-System,” as the conductor can be energized while in the block. These AIA adapters and XS-100-B block combination can also be used for conventional stringing on crossarms, on new construction, and on vertical or horizontal post insulators.

For larger than 4 7/8″ or smaller than 2 1/8″ neck diameter insulators, other adapters are available on request. Also available is Model No. AIA-4 Special with 3/4″ hex head (instead of
standard hand knob) ideal for use with hydraulic tools.

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