Fittings for Distribution Blocks

Fittings for Distribution Blocks

Fittings are small bits of hardware that are used to hang/suspend blocks from supports. Fittings mate with the socket connector at the top of the block frame by simply sliding/snapping the fitting’s ball-eye (a domed boss) into the socket of a socket connector. The other end of the fitting then mates with whatever the supporting hardware may be: for example, a hook, a bracket, or slipped over a cross-arm or an insulator using the webbing loop of a “Noose.”

Selecting & Ordering Fittings
Fittings do not automatically accompany blocks when blocks are ordered. So, if your projects require hanging your blocks (either immediately or in the future), then fittings should be selected and ordered when you select/order blocks. More than one fitting may be ordered per block.

There are 6 options for fittings, and any one will fit any Sherman & Reilly block that has
a socket connector, including XS-100B Blocks. The options are:


  • No. 1 Hook
  • No. 1 Hook with gate/clasp
  • No. 6 Oval Eye
  • No. 8 Clevis
  • Model 3030 Fitting
  • Model N3306Y Noose
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