Puller – HPLW-2004

Puller – HPLW-2004

The Sherman + Reilly HPLW-2004 is a compact 4-drum puller, providing high capacity in a configuration that is easy to tow and maneuver into tight spaces. The drum deck is hydraulically operated and may be rotated through a full 360° range. It may be locked at virtually any position, enabling the operator to easily and safely align the pull without having to re-position the trailer, thereby saving time and reducing the risk of line damage and delays caused by misalignment.

Capable of a maximum 2,000 lbs. line-pull at the top of each drum, enabling long pulls using a single machine at one fixed site. Each drum is equipped with an aluminum-bronze disc-caliper pay out brake, ACG (advanced control group), enabling safe well-controlled rope payout and facilitating diminished risk of damage to lines and delay.

The Safe Zone Cab™ is mounted to and rotates with the drum deck ensuring the operator is off the ground at all times during operation. All controls function from the control panel within the protection of the cab.

The trailer is equipped with four (4) independent telescoping fully hydraulic outriggers. It also has two (2) independent hydraulically controlled levelwinds, which facilitates even distribution of lines and well-controlled pulling tension. The HPLW-2004 also features hard-plumbed hydraulics with swivel fittings for improved reliability and eliminating the need to disconnect hoses for travel.

Pulling Capacity, rated: 2,000 lbs. at the top of drum
Line Speed, max.: 3.5 mph avg.
Reel Capacity: 6,000 ft. 3/8 in. Spector Fusion
Power Pack: Hydraulic; 42 HP diesel engine, water-cooled
Hydraulic Fluid: ISO Grade 32
Hydraulic Reservoir: 40 gal.
Hydraulic Filtration: 5 microns
Fuel Capacity: 18 gal.
Turret Rotation Range: 360º
Payout Brake: Hydraulic disc-caliper, remote electrically adjusted, ACG
Levelwind: Hydraulically driven, manually controlled
Operator’s Safety Enclosure: Safe-Zone Cab, half-cab, turret-mounted
Frame Construction: Steel tubing, continuous-weld
Length, overall, nom.: 15 ft.
Width, overall, nom.: 8 ft.
Height, overall, nom.: 9 ft., 10in.
Weight, with rope: 8,200 lbs.
GVWR: 11,000 lbs.
Suspension: Leaf spring
Axle Configuration: Single
Wheel Configuration & Tires: Single 7.15 x 6.75, 215/75R17.5
Brakes, trailer: Electric, with safety break-away switch
Towing Attachment: 3 in. pintle eye, with 2 safety chains & hooks
Outriggers: Hydraulic
Front/Nose Jack: Hydraulic
Electrical System: 12 VDC
Lights, navigation: US DOT, 12 VDC
Battery: 12 VDC, group 24 automotive
Grounding: 3/4 in. dia. copper-clad steel loops, (4)
Wheel Chocks & Holders: Standard
Fire Extinguisher: ABC
Drum Covers: Vinyl
Paint: S+R White
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