A Single Drum Puller capable of pulling up to 14,000 lbs., with a first-of-its-kind drum engagement system, utilizing lateral sliding sides and drum support rollers. These unique hydraulically actuated articulating sides of the machine allow for easy changing of the drum to a metal reconductoring reel.


  • Pulling Capability: 14,000 lbs.
  • Fully hydraulic direct drive system with a unique hydraulically actuated reel/drum cradle that provides for easier change outs.
  • The P-1400X can be used to provide dynamic hydrostatic line drag for bull rope being pulled off the drum.
  • Features a Safe-Zone® Cab for the safety and comfort of the operator with a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for excellent visibility and protection. The cab includes climate control, an adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges.
  • Specifications:

    Pulling Capacity: 14,000 lbs. (Rated at the top of drum)
    Maximum Line Speed: Pulling: 4 mph
    Controls: Digital with real-time tension monitoring and recording
    Drum Capacity: Core Diameter: 30 in. /Total Outside Width: 76 in.
    Inside Width: 64 in. / Flange Diameter: 54 in.
    Drum Capacity: 18 mm. dia. Unitrex™ 15,000 ft.
    5/8 in. dia. Steel 15,000 ft.
    Drive System: Drum, with Direct Hydraulic Drive
    Drive System Engine: Diesel, 173 Hp water cooled tier 4
    Fuel Capacity: 30 gallon
    Hydraulic Fluid: ISO Grade 32
    Hydraulic Reservoir: 40 gallon (useable)
    Hydraulic Fluid Filtration (2): 10 micron, both supply and return filters
    Levelwind: Hydraulically driven, automatically-controlled
    Operator’s Safety Enclosure: Safe-Zone® Cab, fully-enclosed / single door
    Frame Construction: Steel tubing
    Length: (Overall, Nom.) 22 ft., 11 in.
    Width: (Overall, Nom.) 8 ft., 6 in.
    Height: (Overall, Nom.) 9 ft., 8 in.
    GVWR: 27,000 lbs.
    Suspension: Leaf-spring
    Axle Configuration: Tandem
    Wheel Configuration & Tires: Single 235/75R 17.5
    Brakes: (Trailer) Air brakes w/anti-lock feature
    Towing Attachment: 3 in. pintle eye, with two safety chains and hooks
    Tie Downs: (2) 5/8 in. dia. steel D-Rings, (2) 1 in. dia. steel D-Rings
    Rear (R/L) Jacks: (2) Hydraulic, horizontal folding, with shoe
    Front/Nose Jack: (1) Hydraulic, vertical column, with shoe
    Electrical System: 12 VDC
    Battery: 12 V, 810 CCA, BCI group 27
    Lights / Navigation: 12 V, LED, U.S. DOT-approved
    Grounding: 3/4 in. dia. copper-clad steel loops (4)
    Wheel Chocks: Standard
    Fire Extinguisher: ABC
    Color: S+R White

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