Underground Puller – U1000X

Underground Puller – U1000X

The Sherman + Reilly Revolution Series U1000X is a bullwheel puller for the installation of underground distribution conductor. The single platform, modular design provides 10,000 lbs. pulling capacity offering plenty of power to handle most installations. The hydraulically driven twin capstan bullwheels ensure smooth, well controlled pulls.

Powered by a 35 hp 4-cylinder diesel engine, the transmission has two forward speeds and a reverse demand payout. The U1000X has plenty of power as well as flexibility to deal with varying needs during an underground pull. A joystick-controlled, hydraulically positioned extendable boom with 170°of swing arc is available for reaching into and pulling from pad-mounted transformers and other tight openings.

With state of the art design to ensure operator safety, the U1000X features a Safe-Zone Cab™ . This enclosure is designed to keep an operator off the ground while the equipment is in use. Built with a fully adjustable, ergonomic seat and a digital touch display for all machine operations, diagnostics, and pull status. The Safe Zone™ Cab is designed to reduce operator fatigue thereby reducing errors and injuries in the field.

Equipped with a digital electronic load recorder for documenting pulling tensions and an electronic footage counter providing accurate, and continuous measurement of conductor/cable deployed.

The U1000X is also available with air.

Pulling Capacity, max.: 10,000 lb.
Bullwheels: Twin capstan, 6 in. dia., 5-groove followed by 6-groove
Gearbox & Line Speed: 1st gear: 0-60 fpm @ 10,000 lb.; 2nd gear: 0-120 fpm @ 5,000 lb.; reverse: 0-300 fpm demand payout
Drive System: Hydraulic
Hydraulic Fluid: ISO Grade 32
Hydraulic Reservoir: 22 gal.
Engine: 35 hp, Diesel, water-cooled, elecric start
Fuel Capacity: 18 gal. (25 gal. when equipped with air compressor
Pulling Rope: 7/16 in., 6 x 26 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,200 ft.
PTMA/Boom: Hydraulic, joystick-controlled, 3-axis, 170º swing arc, extendable X ft.
Boom Camera: CCD, swivel-mounted at end of boom, cab display
Levelwind: dual automatic fairlead sheaves
Operator’s Safety Enclosure: Safe-Zone Cab
Controls: All at control panel within cab: engine & pulling; digital instrumentation; emer. stop; tensiometer; video display
Wireless Controls: Winch speed & direction and emer. stop; 900 Mhz ISM band
Footage Counter: Electronic, actual footage, pay-in & pay-out
Hydraulic Tool Circuit: 7 gpm @ 2,000 psi, auxiliary for hand tools, pumps, etc.
Pulling Connectors: Rotation-resistant: 1 ea. rated 3,000 lb. & 1 ea. rated 8,000 lb. included
Frame Construction: Steel tubing, continuous-weld
Length, overall, nom.: 20 ft.
Width, overall, nom.: 7 ft., 3 in.
Height, overall, nom.: 7 ft., boom stored
Weight, nom.: 6,500 lb., with rope, w/o air compressor (7,000 lb. w/ compressor)
GVWR: 9,800 lb.
Suspension: Leaf spring
Axle Configuration: Single
Wheel Configuration & Tires: Single, LT235/75R17.5
Brakes, trailer: Electric, with safety break-away switch
Towing Attachment: 3 in. adjustable pintle eye
Safety Chains: 2 ea., with hooks
Front/Nose Jack: Hydraulic, part of auto-leveing system, with shoe
Stabilizing Jacks: Hydraulic, part of auto-leveling system, with shoes
Electrical System: 12 VDC, 45 A alternator
Lights, navigation: US DOT LED, 12 VDC
Lights, illumination: Cab-top floods (2 ea.), cab-interior dome
Battery: 12 VDC, 525 CCA
Grounding: 3/4 in. dia. copper-clad steel ground loops, 4 ea.
Tool Box: Steel, lockable, complete set of tools, and E-35D & E-49D connectors
Fire Extinguisher: ABC
Cover, protective: Vinyl, for rope drum
Color: S+R white
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