Reel Trailer – TRT-384/60

Reel Trailer – TRT-384/60

The Sherman + Reilly TRT-384/60 is a reel trailer for transporting and deploying power-distribution or transmission conductor and optical-fiber cable. It has the capability of independently orienting the direction of payout from up to three separate reels without having to re-position the trailer.

Capacity of three reels, each up to 84 in. OD by 60 in. wide, weighing up to 8,000 lbs. on an independently rotating turret (360°). The TRT-384/60 provides high capacity and flexible operation in a compact, stable, easy-to-maneuver, and easy-to-orient configuration.

Reel shafts are mounted in quick-release bearing-blocks, enabling fast, easy, and foolproof securing (and dismounting) of reels to their turrets. Each turret’s reel shaft is equipped with a 16 in. ventilated Al-bronze disc tension brake that may be engaged or not, giving an operator the flexibility to chose between free-rotation payout and payout under controlled tension, whichever best suits the demands for the given installation.

The standard trailer equipment includes heavy-duty air brakes with ABS, US DOT lighting, 3 in. adjustable front pintle eye, safety chains and hooks, and grounding lugs. Each corner has a telescoping outrigger jack that may be deployed to enhance stability on awkward surfaces when carrying heavy loads, or on tough pulls. Safety is enhanced and the risk of delay during a pull is reduced.

Maximum Reel Weight: 7,000 lb. per turret
Maximum Reel Size: 84 in. OD x 60 in. wide
Reel Shaft Diameter: 2 5/8 in.
Tensioning Brake: 16 in. dia. disc, bronze, manual T-bar adjustment
Turret Rotation Range: 360º, lockable at 15º increments
Frame Construction: Steel tubing, continuous-weld
Length, overall, nom.: 28 ft., 6 in.
Width, overall, nom.: 8 ft., 3 in.
Height, overall, nom.: 7 ft., 8 in., without reels
Height to Reel Centerline: 6 ft., 10 in.
Weight, nom.: 14,500 lb., without reels or conductor
GVWR: 38,500
Suspension: Leaf spring, heavy duty
Axle Configuration: Dual (tandem)
Wheel Configuration & Tires: Dual, 215/75R17.5H
Brakes, trailer: Air: 24,000 lb. unit only Electric, with safety break-away switch: 21,000 unit
Front/Nose Jack: Screw-type, with shoe
Outriggers: Slide-out with pin, screw-type leg with shoe, 4 ea.
Tie-Downs: D-rings, 4 ea., 2 per side
Towing Attachment: 3 in. adjustable pintle eye
Safety Chains: 2 ea., with hook
Lights, navigation: US DOT, LED, 12 VDC
Grounding: 3/4 in. dia. copper ground loops, 4 ea.
Paint: S+R white
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