BWT-1363 Bullwheel Tensioner

BWT-1363 Bullwheel Tensioner

The Sherman + Reilly BWT-1363 is a precision bullwheel tensioner, with up to 4 reel carriers, providing a controlled conductor payout/retrieval system in a single piece of equipment. This design stretches equipment budgets and enables operational flexibility. Tensioning capacity of 3,000 lbs. at 4 mph provides plenty of power in a compact configuration for operation where space is limited.

Twin five-groove bullwheels are 30 inches in diameter and are lined with precision machined urethane, for maintaining tight control and gentle handling of conductors. Each bullwheel is controlled by a fully adjustable 3-axis, disc-caliper braking system, which incorporates a 20 in. ventilated bronze disc for well controlled, uninterrupted pulls.

Reel stands are capable of carrying 72” diameter reels, each with quick release features and rewind capabilities. Equipped with 16” diameter ventilate Al-bronze brake disc. The trailer is equipped with an adjustable front jack, drop-leg rear leveling jacks, DOT LED lighting, fully adjustable pintle eye with safety chains to match different heights of towing vehicles. The continuous weld strength steel construction provides as solid and durable piece of equipment, able to withstand rough field use.

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