Electrostatics – InteGREATed Protection

Electrostatics – InteGREATed Protection

Protection against electromagnetic fields, induced voltage, electric arc.


The “Electrostatics-1” and “Electrostatics-2” conductive clothing are intended to be worn:

during live working (especially bare-hand working) with AC and DC electrical installations, especially with live high voltage power lines;
when working on discharged power lines under the electromagnetic influence of the operating AC electrical installations.
Upper layer provides protection against thermal hazards of an electric arc and ignition caused by spark discharge.

Highly conductive band has got electric resistance not more than 0,1 ω/m and can shunt currents up to 35 A without any damage.

Conductive double-sided fabric is a unique material which combines two inseparable surfaces: conductive (steel-silver) and insulating (meta aramid-FR viscose). Such a combination ensures maximum protective features and optimum level of comfort during work. Electric resistance of the conductive surface of the fabric is is not more than 2 ω.

The set provides protection against:

  • a harmful impact of the electric field of industrial frequency;
  • electrical discharges while bare-hand working with live-parts;
  • a harmful impact of air ions (including extra heavy air ions – aerosols)
  • a current shock of an induced voltage
  • a thermal hazards of an electric arc.
  • Features of the set:

  • Equipotential bonding leads * between jacket and gloves
  • Equipotential bonding leads * between jacket and bib-and-brace
  • Equipotential bonding leads with clamps
  • Equipotential bonding leads * between bib-and-brace and boots
  • Equipotential bonding leads between conductive coverall and arc protective upper jacket.
  • Fabric system:

  • Fabric system
  • Nomex arc protective FR fabric with oil-and-water repellent treatment (for Electrostatics-2)
  • Highly conductive band
  • Conductive double-sided fabric
  • Optional Accessories (Contact LineStar Directly for Ordering))

  • Summer and winter conductive gloves
  • Winter boots made of leather or felt, with fur or in-socks
  • Summer boots
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