Geroline Mid-Sole Ice Cleats – K1 Series

Geroline Mid-Sole Ice Cleats

The K1 Series Mid-Sole is a one-size-fits-all, convenient solution for adding traction in icy and snowy work conditions. Proven to prevent slips and falls on the job, the K1 Series Mid-Sole not only prevents heel slips but also provides traction for the sole of the foot in all conditions. This innovative design is in high-demand across all industries with workers regularly going from outdoor to indoor environments.

Available in Regular, Low-Profile, Intrinsic and Intrinsic Low-Profile versions. Spacers, like shims, can be added to ensure the cleat is contacting the ground properly and provides a custom, comfortable fit with the necessary traction.


· Durable studs
· One size fits all
· Industrial quality
· Hi-Vis adjustable straps
· Can be rotated to the top of footwear when entering buildings
· No need to remove for driving or climbing ladders/scaffold


Add 5mm of depth to the K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat or the Low Profile Mid-Sole Ice Cleat. Simply insert the peel-and-stick (3M) shim to raise the height of the standard or low profile K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat.

Spacer – #K1SPC
Low Profile Spacer – #K1SPC-LP

Part Numbers

K1 Mid-Sole Original (Black Strap) – #GEO-K1MID
K1 Mid-Sole High Profile – #GEO-K1MID-HP
K1 Mid-Sole Intrinsic High Profile -#GEO-K1MID-INT-HP
K1 Mid-Sole Low Profile (Black Strap) – #GEO-K1MID-LP-BLK
K1 Mid-Sole High Profile (Black Strap) – #GEO-K1MID-HP-BLK
K1 Mid-Sole Slim – #GEO-K1MID-SLIM

*Lineman boots most commonly use GEO-K1MID-HP

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