Bullard “Above View” Hard Hat

Bullard “Above View” Hard Hat

The Only Hard Hat with a Replacable Clear Brim Visor!
Increases your upper peripheral view by more than 50%.


Featuring a see-through visor that allows workers to see hazards overhead, the
patented AboveView Full-Brim Hard Hat is designed with a wide brim for increased
protection from the elements and comes equipped with accessory slots for a variety of
attachments. ANSI/ISEA Classification: Z89.1, Type I, Class E and G.


AboveView comes with all the standard Bullard hard hat comfort features including, 3/4″
seamless suspension, large absorbent cotton or easy-to-clean vinyl brow pad, Flex-Gear®
ratchet suspension, and front, side, and rear vertical height adjustment settings. Like all
Bullard hard hats, the AboveView is designed for users to experience the ultimate comfort
while on-the-job. AboveView sits below the “nape” portion of the user’s head ensuring a
secure fit and lessening the possibility of the hat falling off while working.


AboveView is the only hard hat with a replaceable clear brim visor. Replacement visors are
available in clear, grey and yellow tints. The AboveView is available in all Bullard standard
colors (see images).


-Replaceable See-Through Visor
-Vertical Adjustments (two front and two rear)
-Nylon Crown Straps
-Large, replaceable, absorbent Cotton or easy-to-clean Vinyl brow pad
-Cushioned Nape
-Large, easy-to-turn Flex-Gear® ratchet knob
-Accessory Slots

Part Number Description
AV**RC 4-point Ratchet with Clear Brim Visor and Cotton Brow Pad
AV**RG 4-point Ratchet with Grey Brim Visor and Cotton Brow Pad
AV**RY 4-point Ratchet with Yellow Brim Visor and Cotton Brow Pad
Replacement Suspensions
RS4RC 4-point Ratchet with Cotton Brow Pad
RS4RP 4-point Ratchet with Poly Brow Pad
RS4RB 4-point Ratchet with Vinyl Brow Pad
Chin Straps
ES3 3-Point Chinstrap, Latex-Free, Black Elastic
ES42B 2-Point Chinstrap, Latex-Free, Black Elastic, for all Hard Hat Models
Replacement Visors
AVPC Clear tint visor
AVPG Grey tint visor
AVPY Yellow tint visor

** Replace with hat color

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