DEET Insect Repellent Foam – 10% – 12415

DEET Insect Repellent Foam – 10% – 12415

PRODUCT # 12415

This unique water-based formulation provides excellent protection (over 3 hours) from insect bites, with an amazingly low concentration (10% DEET) of active ingredients which do not penetrate the skin.


Packaged: 3.52 ounce/100gram aluminum can

48 per master case.


  • Water is the propellant.
  • Dries through evaporation of the water. This traps the active ingredients on the skin surface resulting in a “hand lotion” feel.
  • The foam exits the can in a “mousse” so there is no over spray – you can keep the repellent off expensive glasses, fabrics etc.
  • Contains two repellents, one specifically for biting insects such as black flies, gnats, deer flies or ticks and DEET which is the most effective repellent for mosquitoes.
  • Efficacy test results: Repels mosquitoes 90 minutes longer than comparable DEET only products.
  • Small efficiently portable aluminum container can be carried in a pocket, tool box, golf bag, glove box, tackle box, etc.
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