Wasp & Hornet Killer – 12445

Wasp & Hornet Killer – 12445

PRODUCT # 12445


Shoots a jet stream 20 feet allowing you to reach nests from a comfortable distance away.


  • Contains a knock down & a kill ingredient to stop insects on contact.
  • Effectively kills wasps, hornets, bees, ants, yellow jackets, and tent caterpillars in their nests from a distance without exposing yourself to the risk of being stung or bitten.
  • Easier to reach out of the way places.
  • Knocks flying insects out of the air.
  • Residual kill effect for up to two weeks.

Dielectric Strength 35 Kv.


  • Insulates, rather than conducting electricity.
  • Flash point of 172? F.
  • Safe to spray around high-temperature street lamps, etc, with a greatly reduced chance of flashing.

Packaged: 14 Ounce/325 gram Aerosol cans.

12 per master case.

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