CleanTerra Utility Services Covid-19 Disinfectant – Envirocleanse-A

CleanTerra Utility Services Covid-19 Disinfectant – Envirocleanse-A

Ready to use straight of the bottle, no need to dilute, no harsh chemicals such as bleach and is harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Just spray and you’re done.

Stop outbreaks and kill viruses. Envirocleanse-A is an effective disinfectant that can quickly and easily eliminate surface viruses such as COVID-19. ECA is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, naturally breaks down into a saltwater solution after degrading and is harmless to the environment, humans and other warm-blooded animals.

What is Envirocleanse-A?

Envirocleanse-A (Hypochlorous Acid or HOCL) is a disinfectant that is 100 – 300 times more effective than bleach – yet is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-irritating. Envirocleanse-A is a light oxidizer which destroys bacteria by robbing bacteria of its electrons, killing pathogens in seconds.
Although called an “acid” – Envirocleanse-A isn’t actually acidic. It’s PH is neutral (7PH), which is the same as water. ECA is comprosied of the same substance that white blood cells use to fight off infections, heal wounds and is FDA approved to keep produce fresh, including for use in organic crop production.
100% Allergen-Free as certified by the Mayo Clinic SkinSafe product safety rating system.

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  • CT-ECA-32OZ: 1L (32 oz) SPRAY BOTTLES – 12 per box
  • CT-ECA-1USG: 3.79L (1 Gal) JUG – 4 per box

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