Centriforce Stokbord® Cable Covers

Stokbord® Cable Covers

Manufactured from high impact, recycled polyethylene polymers, Stokbord® heavy duty cable protection covers or, underground warning boards, have been specifically designed to withstand damage from plant and tools. Each electric cable cover provides a highly visible and durable warning against accidental damage from third parties.

Stokbord electric cable covers provide high visibility, ease of installation and the ability to resist both hand tools and mechanical plant. Stokbord cable protection has become the product of choice for utility protection applications – particularly for high voltage cables.

While offering a high level of durability and impact resistance, the plastic cable covers are light in weight and exceptionally easy to handle and install. They are fully jointed, laid overlap and held firm with plastic pegs to ensure continuous protection.

Length Width
1000mm 450mm
1000mm 300mm
1000mm 244mm
1000mm 152mm