Tapetile® Cable protection rolls

Tapetile® Cable protection rolls

Tapetile (sometimes known as ’tile tape’) cable protection tape is a flexible product supplied in roll format. Tapetile is manufactured from heavy duty, recycled polyethylene polymers and, while flexible enough to be delivered on a roll, provides a high level of durability and protection to buried utilities. Extremely cost-effective in use, the tape is designed to provide a clear visual warning when uncovered.

available in standard sizes of:

-40 metres x 150mm x 2.5mm
-40 metres x 200mm x 2.5mm


-Gives the clearest warning to third parties and can be custom made with sizes to suit
-Contains company logo in bold warning text for clear identification
-Damage to cables less likely therefore reducing the cost of repairs and supply disruption
-Lightweight and easy to install irrespective of weather conditions
-Durable with good impact resistance
-Rotproof and resistant to wide range of soil conditions
-Extremely cost effective in use

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