Andax Transformer Containment Bag

Andax Transformer Containment Bag


The Transformer Containment Bag™, manufactured by Andax Industries safely contains leaking transformers, allowing complete access to lifting lugs for easy lifting, moving and storing.

The Transformer Containment Bag™ allows for 100% OSHA compliant lifting by providing access to the transformer manufacturer’s lifting lugs through the integrated primary and secondary reinforced access ports in the Transformer Containment Bag™ during every stage of use in which an electric utility line crew would need to lift, move and store a transformer.


The primary and secondary reinforced access ports are used to access the transformer manufacturer’s lifting lugs while the Transformer Containment Bag’s™ duffle is up (containment stage) and designed with a built-in weather cover flap to prevent weather from entering the bag. To ensure OSHA compliant lifting, the lifting straps are attached to the transformer manufacturer’s lifting lugs. Because it is a multi-stage containment bag, line crews can perform maintenance (duffle down) such as testing, oil removal or transformer repairs. When finished, the transformer can be 100% weather proof when stored outside (duffle up).


The innovative Andax Transformer Containment Bag™ is the right tool for the job. It helps keep employees safe because contained transformers can be lifted safely following OSHA compliant regulations, trucks and equipment stay clean!

• Allows for 100% OSHA Compliant Lifting
• 100% Weather Proof Storage
• Complete Access to Lifting Lugs
• Multi-Stage Lifting
• Primary and Secondary Reinforced Access Lug Ports
• Rugged Materials
• Durable Construction
• Contains Leaking Transformers
• Converts to a Complete Outdoor Weather-Proof Storage System

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