BCM Series of Boom Current Monitors

BCM Series of Boom Current Monitors

Bare-Hand Live-Line Work Safety

Rugged, Dependable Design
Automatic Safety Check for grounded test cables

The BCM-44 and BCM-44B are state of the art current monitors designed for continuous operation during bare-hand work. The BCM has an adjustable set point (5 presets also available on BCM-44B) between 1 and 400 microamperes AC or DC. A 90-dB horn sounds an audible warning if this current set point is ever exceeded during use.

The BCM-44 and BCM-44B are extremely rugged and dependable current monitors. Designed for operation a variety of weather conditions, the BCM provides the security needed for bare-hand live-line work.

Additional Features of the BCM 44B:

1. Metering of test circuit for boom metering bands
2. Metering of test circuit for hoses
3. Metering of test circuit for leveling rods or fiber optics
4. Total test including the sum of all three circuits
5. Band mis-wiring detection during power-up test.

Note: Daily use of this monitor does not eliminate the need to perform periodic over-voltage tests on aerial lift devices. The absolute minimum recommended over-voltage test should be a DC test of 2.1 times the line to ground exposure or an AC test of 1.5 times the line to ground exposure.

BCM 44
BCM 44-B
Display Type
128 by 64 pixel wide temperature range LCD display. A microprocessor-controlled heater allows operation in extreme low temperatures.
Two Ranges:
Low Range: 0-99 microamps A.C. or D.C. with .1 µA resolution.
High Range: 0-500 microamps A.C. or D.C. with 1 µA resolution.
Voltage Drop
Less than 1 volt full scale
True RMS AC or DC within 1% of full scale
Preset Alarm Setpoint(s)
Up to 6. Preset values are normally factory set to 27, 40, 66, 93, 133, and 289 microamps. Other preset values are available by request. The presets can be changed in the field as desired.
Adjustable Alarm Setpoint(s)
Adjustable threshold can be set from 1 ?A to full scale by a front panel mounted 10-turn control.
Set point
Shorted metering
circuit monitor
Metering circuit
continuity monitor
Audible Alarm
Internal 106DB multi-tone horn sounds when current exceeds setpoint, or when measuring lead is accidentally grounded.
External Alerting Device
A contact is provided to activate an external audible or visible alerting device. The output from this contact can provide either ground or switched input voltage.
12 or 24 volts D.C. negative ground. The monitor draws .04 amps steady state and .75 amps with the horn sounding. The display heater can draw up to .75 amps additional in extremely cold weather. 24 volt D.C. negative ground current draw is about half of the 12 volt current draw values.
Precision die-cast aluminum case
4.72” (12cm) x 8.66” (22cm) x 3.14”
(8cm) with external mounting brackets
5 Lbs. (2.3kg)
-20˚ to +140˚F (-30˚ to +60˚C) Sealed to IP67 equivalent
Input for test
UHF coaxial connector
7 pin Amphenol receptacle
Input for
3 pin Amphenol receptacle
3 pin Amphenol receptacle
Test Cable
25’ (7.6m) shielded coaxial cable
4’ (1.2m) shielded six conductor cable
Power Cable
4’ (1.2m) three conductor cable provided
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