PR Tech BirdAway™ Bird Hazing Device

PR Tech BirdAway™ Bird Hazing Device

The BirdAway bird hazing device discourages birds from roosting on utility poles, towers, street lights, and other structures. Birds that roost in such locations also “stream” (leave droppings) as they come and go. The droppings are very toxic, presenting a significant health hazard, and make tower climbing more dangerous. Bird droppings are also conductive, so electrical systems can short out when insulators are coated with droppings. This can knock large numbers of subscribers off line at a very real cost to utilities.


The BirdAway bird hazing device mounts to cross arms or pipes in structures in the line-of-sight of roosting birds. BirdAway spins, reflects by day, and glows at night to bother birds into moving to another location. Sometimes it takes a few days or weeks to effectively “nag” birds into leaving a structure.


The BirdAway consists of a white molded plastic weather vane that spins in light wind. Each side of the weather vane has highly reflective florescent orange and yellow tape, as well as phosphorescent tape that glows up to 10 hours after dusk. The BirdAway spinner is mounted around ball bearings on a rigid stainless steel shaft. Three different mounting options are available:

-Model BW-CA installs on wooden cross arms.
-Model BW-CC uses a “C” clamp for attaching to lattice towers or angle iron.
-Model BW-P installs on rounded pipe.

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