PR Tech FireFly® FF Bird Diverter

PR Tech FireFly® FF Bird Diverter

Incorporating motion, reflectivity, and glowing light, the new FireFly bird flapper/diverter is more effective than previous technology at protecting birds in flight from collisions with overhead power lines, guy wires, communications towers, and other thin profile obstructions. The FireFly can also be used to haze birds from buildings and structures.

FireFly FF Bird Diverters:

-Fully tested and developed by an avian biologist to be the most effective diverter.
-Rotates in 3–5 mph winds, increasing visibility for migrating birds and bats. Uses stainless steel ball bearing swivel resistant to salt spray and adverse weather conditions.
-NOTE: For higher sustained winds, the non-swivel FireFly HW should be used.
-Features unique Moon/ShineTM system, which pairs glow-in-the-dark (10–12 hours) material with highly reflective daylight material.
-Emits special UV light that only birds can see in low light/fog conditions.
-Utilizes a 3-in-1 combination of fluorescent colors designed specifically for avian vision.
-Impact resistant and UV-stablized acrylic “flapper” is 3.5″ x 6″, ⅛” thick, and rated for temperatures from –30 F to 160 F.

SnapFast Clamp:

-Our patented and rugged SnapFast mounting clamp prevents line slippage on single or bundled cables. Choose from two sizes of clamp:
-10–70 mm (0.39–2.75 in.) or 4–16 mm (0.16–0.63 in.).
-Incorporates weather resistant ABS Makrolon plastic and stainless-steel spring.
-Clamp can be easily installed on live power lines with a hot stick.
-Easy to remove and install as bird activity changes with the season.

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