PR Tech FireFly® MET Bird Diverter

PR Tech FireFly® MET Bird Diverter

Incorporating reflectivity and glowing light, the FireFly MET Tower Bird Diverter is more effective than previous technology at protecting birds and bats in flight from collisions with unseen obstructions. Designed for long term installation in inaccessible areas on met and radio tower guys over 100 feet high, this is a collision prevention product only and is not to be used for hazing birds.


-Uses drop forged galvanized wire rope clip, which is made for smooth or spiral wrap guy wires ¼” or greater in diameter. Attachment has stainless steel nylock threaded nut.
-“Diamond bar” fluorescent yellow and orange reflective stickers are rated by the manufacturer for 10 years.
-Phosphorescent stickers glow for 10–12 hours after sunset, making them visible to nocturnally migrating birds and bats.
-Ultraviolet inhibited acrylic plastic diverter.
-Dimensions: 3.5″ x 7.0″ rectangular cut.Clear coat finish available for increased life span of diverter in arctic or coastal conditions.
-Installs easily with portable drill and snap on socket to fit nylock nut. Install at 17 meter (50 feet) spacing.
-1-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor.

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