PR Tech RaptorWire™ Bird Hazing Device

PR Tech RaptorWire™ Bird Hazing Device

The splayed wires of our RaptorWire bird diverter provide an effective and reliable method of discouraging birds from nesting, roosting, and perching above critical locations on towers, poles, and substations.

Bird droppings can pollute utility sites, damage equipment, and ultimately lead to health hazards and power outages. Easy to install and very durable, the RaptorWire bird diverter is ideal for mounting above insulator strings, climbing ladders, transformers, and other critical locations. It can also be used to fill in tower openings where birds may build nests.

The RaptorWire bird diverter firmly attaches to the lattice tower with the included “C” clamp. Once attached, the lineman spreads the spiral steel wires into a bristling “flower” arrangement that prevents birds from roosting over a 5 foot square area (2.5 feet in both directions).

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