PR Tech SnapFast™ Installation Tool

PR Tech SnapFast™ Installation Tool

Using a SnapFast installation tool attached to a hot stick, several of our bird diverters and low line markers can be installed from the ground without interrupting power. As described below, the installation tool quickly and safely installs or removes the patented SnapFast clamp that securely attaches the bird diverter or low line marker to the line.


-Installation starts by pulling the clamp’s large finger holes apart to open the clamp (see photo at left).
-Warning! Handle the opened clamp very carefully, as it snaps closed with significant force and could cause injury.
-The open clamp is placed on the installation tool (attached to a hot stick) and pressed against the line until the clamp springs closed.
-To remove the clamp, simply hook one of the large finger holes with the installation tool and pull down to open. The open clamp slides onto the hook.

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