36″ Raptor Guard™ Perching Deterrent

36″ Raptor Guard™ Wildlife Perching Deterrent for Horizontal Distribution Cross-arms

The Patented “X” shape design of the Raptor Guard perching deterrent is made to protect the entire exposed area of cross-arm. This product provides a superior barrier over the first generation of the ineffective triangle perching deterrents. As with any product, determining the correct size for your installation is critical.

When deciding on which product is best suited to your application, first determine the distance of exposed cross-arm you wish to protect and then choose the appropriate size Raptor Guard that will best protect that entire space. We also offer different attachment saddles to fit the type of cross-arm you have: (standard, dead end, angle-iron, etc.).


-UV resistant RPVC uprights and saddles
-Stainless steel and galvanized steel hardware
-Withstands > 85 mph winds for sustained periods
-Over 400,000 units in the field
-Hotstick capable models available
-All installation hardware included
-Designed to cover 42-46″ open space on horizontal cross-arms, vertical mounts, lattice towers, and walls

Product Number Description Cross Arm Width Installation Type Box Qty
RGHS-36 Standard width cross-arm that can be installed manually or with a Universal Hot Stick 3 3/4″ Hot Stick To Order
RGSO-36 Collapsible unit for standard width cross-arm. Unit has slip on saddle for 10 foot cross-arms 3 3/4″ Gloved 20
RGSO-36-5 PUPI fiberglass cross-arm used in a dead-end configuration 4-5″ Gloved 20
RGSO-36-6 Heavy duty cross-arm such as a wooden dead-end arm 5-6″ Gloved 20
RGSO-36-8 8″ wide super heavy duty cross-arm 7-8″ Gloved 20
RGSO-36-10 10″ wide transmission grade cross-arm 9-10″ Gloved 20
RGAN-36 Standard Raptor Guard with angle iron mount Angle Iron Gloved/Hot Stick 20
RGFL-36 Standard Raptor Guard with flat base for pad mounting Flat Gloved 20
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