The Spikeball: Animal Deterrent/Guard

The Spikeball is installed in areas where birds are likely to nest, and where there is access to energized components. See the photos to the right for a common nesting spots. The Spikeball is not designed or intended for removing birds’ nests. It is a deterrent intended to prevent birds from returning to the nest and making a home near energized equipment.


•Live Installation: Can be installed while equipment is energized.
•Hot-stickable: Installed by 1 person using a grip-all hot stick.
•Durable: UV protected for extended life.
•Effective: In preventing electrical outages, and damage to equipment, caused by squirrels, birds, and other critters.
•Home Applications: Easily installed by hand around non energized apparatus.
•Field Tested, Lineman Approved: Developed by a utility lineman.
•SKU: HJA-760

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