Transmission H-Frame Nest Excluders

Transmission H-Frame Nest Excluders

The RGNS-24 Nest Diverter was designed to prevent ravens, raptors, and other birds from building nests over the center phase of an H framed structure. An independent study has shown the device diverts the nesting to other structures even when past nesting activity in that location has occurred.


-UV resistant custom polymer
-Galvanized Steel Hardware
-All hardware for installation included
-Pre-drilled holes for installation and relief for existing insulator brackets
-Independent Study highlighting effectiveness

Product Number Description Mount Type Installation Type Box Qty
RGNS-24 24″ Nest Diverter designed for the center of an H frame transmission structure Flat Base Manual To Order
RGNS-18 18″ Nest Diverter end-cap for H-Frame cross-arm ends Flat Base Manual To Order
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