Voice Cable Identification System – VCI-3

Voice Cable Identification System – VCI-3


The VCI-3 is a vocal cable identification and phasing system used during installation or maintenance works on de-energized three phase systems.

Easy and safe to use

The VCI-3 uses a current injection principle. The current is injected through the wire conductors or by magnetic transducers. Grounding is required at one or two of the three-phase circuit ends, which can stay in place during the intervention to ensure maximum operator safety. The detector’s unique tone sensing system guarantees flawless and safe identification and tagging. The VCI-3 is a compact device that is very easy to use.Mode of operation

A tone transmitter, which integrates a speaker and a microphone to record the vocal identification message. The transmitter uses direct connection injection wires or three clamps for magnetic clip current injection. The clamps produce current in the wire even if it’s installed on the wire sheath. Thanks to its rechargeable battery pack, it can provide more than eight hours of continuous work. A detector, highly compact, that uses a magnetic sensor. It has a speaker with adjustable volume and compatible earphones to listen to the vocal identification message even in the noisiest of environments. Sensor detection threshold according to cable type and length is adjustable through key buttons. Detection is guaranteed by a digital processing system that checks for the presence or absence of every tone that comes in from the transmitter end.


  • Unique balanced injection system that eliminates signal feedback on other wires.
  • Three different tones to identify each phase.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Extended range: up to 6 miles of working distance.
  • Tone transmission for more than 8 hours.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Optional magnetic sensing transducer.
  • Phase detection by transmitter tone presence or absence.
  • Digital filtering of network harmonics.
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