Manual Button (MB) Reset URD Fault Indicators

Manual Button (MB) Reset URD Fault Indicators

Overcenter magnetic toggle to produce fault indication. No mechanical triggers or latches are used. The MB display features a reflective red/white target. A faulted line condition is displayed by the red target while a normal condition is displayed by the white target. The MB is reset by pressing a magnetic button integral to the indicator, thus making removal from the line unnecessary for reset.

Both MR and MB fault indicators have hermetically-sealed ultrasonically welded housings and stainless-steel, vinyl-coated clamping mechanisms that make them suitable for use in harsh, submersed, and corrosive environments.


  • After a fault occurs, use an MR or MB before reclosing for inexpensive, efficient fault location.
  • Line-powered, battery free.
  • The built-in reset button in the MB model eliminates the need for a separate reset tool.
  • More than 50 years of field-proven reliability.
  • Nominal Trip Ratings: 25 to 800 A
  • Trip Tolerance: ±10%
  • Underground: Matches the URD cable rating
  • Maximum Fault Current: 25 kA for 10 cycles
  • Trip Response Time: 8 ms
  • Outer Diameter Clamping Range: 0.25″ to 1.4″ (please specify the clamping diameter or range when ordering)
  • Temperature Range: —40° to +85°C
  • Approximate Weight: 170 g (0.37 lbs)
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