HD Electric LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector

HDE LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector

The Stray Voltage Detector, model LV-5, is used to detect stray voltage as low as 5 volts which may be present on any electrically conductive surface such as street light poles, guide guy wires, wood transmission poles, meter cans, manhole covers and many other metallic surfaces in and around electrical utilities. This newer LV-5 has a bigger, more robust grip, a brighter LED indication that improves daylight visibility and has a tester built into the holster to quickly test the detector on a known voltage source before and after use. Otherwise it operates the same as the LV-S-5. The Detector operates by holding it with a bare or gloved hand and directly contacting the metal tip of the Detector to the potentially energized source. The LV-5/K01 is supplied with a belt clip holster, allowing the user to carry the LV-5 in the holster on their belt. The holster also includes an integrated tester that supplies a low voltage AC signal for testing the LV-5 before and after use.
Two optional accessories are available for the LV-5. The Extension Handle extends to the reach of the LV-5, allowing the Tester to test equipment on the ground or hard to reach locations. The Ground Shield is used in areas where high voltage lines or other energized conductors are present.


-Low threshold voltage sensing design picks up voltages from 5 VAC to 600 VAC with direct contact and above 600 VAC at a distance
-Ultra bright, long-lasting red LED indicates when voltage is present
-Detector is always on, ready to use, and operates on two AA alkaline batteries (batteries required)
-Rugged, utility-grade design is waterproof
-Tester integrated into the holster provides a visual indication of the test. Supples a low voltage AC signal for testing before and after use
-Optional Extension Handle extends the Detector’s reach for testing equipment on or near the ground or other hard to reach locations
-Optional Ground Shield used in areas where energized conductors are present and interfere with normal voltage tests

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