HDE PT-5000W High Voltage DC Leakage Tester

HDE PT-5000W High Voltage DC Leakage Tester

The PT-5000W is a portable, general purpose dual voltage leakage tester designed to test primary distribution voltage or secondary voltage equipment for faults or high leakage currents. Use only on cables or equipment that have been verified to be both de-energized and discharged. The test voltage can be set by the user to either 500VDC or 5,000VDC. The PT-5000W can be used to check for leakage on cables, transformers, capacitors, joints, terminations, insulators, etc.


-Portable unit tests de-energized and discharged capacitors, transformers, terminations and insulators
-Use in overhead or underground systems
-User selectable – test 500VDC or 5,000VDC
-Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use
-Super bright LED indicators
-Low battery indicator
-Powered by field replaceable 9V lithium or alkaline battery

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